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How is the weather in Majorca today and over the next nine days? Here is the forecast and you get all the important information such as temperatures, wind and rain if it is. The operation of the weather module is very simple, just click on the date that you are interested in and the weather data, upper right. The little green dot above can be moved, and so the weather forecast is displayed on the day that interests you.
We wish you a great time in Mallorca, and of course good weather with plenty of sunshine.
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The Balearic Islands of Mallorca is one of the most famous, but also popular holiday destinations in the Mediterranean region.
The very pleasant Mediterranean climate Mittelmmeer can spend leisure and tourists from all over the world, their vacation here. Furthermore, the island also offers excellent conditions for water sports enthusiasts. So here are surfers, divers, water skiing, but also parachute gliders on their money.
The largest of the Balearic Islands and also the best known and remains Mallorca.
This ensures not only the Ballermann for holiday fun, because Mallorca has to offer and much more. Especially in spring and in autumn, the pleasant climate offers ideal conditions for hiking and trekking on the mountains, but also cycling tours.
The climate of the Mediterranean Sea offers tourists more than 300 sunny days a year. From May until late September where temperatures can be up to 30 degrees. Due to the great heat, especially the older holidaymakers the season is not recommended, they should adjust better to the spring or autumn.
Due to the very dry and hot summer, the plants suffer. One can hardly see green plants or palm trees. The leaves are sometimes still very dry and look more yellowish.
In spring and autumn blooms and sprouts dagen nature and plant life here in full.
A real winter, as we know it, which does not exist in the Mediterranean. One can already say that emits a green winter, in contrast to the dry summer months of the nature of a more beautiful picture. The average temperatures in the winter months here at the 14 to 17 degrees. Despite the pyramids climate even in winter it rains hard.
Some regions are also affected by snow here. The moisture is therefore also a major influence on the fertility of the entire plant kingdom.
The snow is then melted, the water rises but steadily in the rivers. In the affected regions, it can occasionally cause flooding, which of course is creating major problems and difficulties.
The winter months in the Balearic Islands are used by many tourists also like for a long vacation for several months. The spring-like temperatures, are also intrinsically good walks here for tours and city tours, or relaxing. Miles of sandy beaches along the coast invite.
But even in winter, a brave swimmers plunge into the cool water as the water temperatures are still here in the winter months are still around 15 degrees.

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